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Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

So, with the help of my faithful assistant, I finished my advent calendar for Jenn. We painted the little boxes each a different color of Christmas. I will add little magnets to the back of all the little corroplast boxes so that they don’t easily…

Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Today I got really pissed off at the Corro-Plast (corrugated plastic) so much so, that I threw all my toys on the floor and went to my computer for help… I decided to use my solidworks sheet-metal module for the first time. It’s not too…

Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Well, today at the grocery store Jenn reminded me that I have yet again forgotten to buy her an advent calendar. I wanted to get her the really good Lindor one since she got me the most amazing beer advent calendar. Turns out Lindor had…

HFID(TM) – a Humanilysis product – By Bobby Lumia

Hey Guys, As promised, my render has finally finished. I had to redo it a few times since I had missed just a few details. I think you’ll like it. Actually only started the render last night at 3am. I had some trouble getting the…

Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

So last tuesday, in class I received my assignment back from the prof. It was an assignment for showing our “renderings”. So I thought I’d be a smart ass and just put a picture of a rear view mirror I found online … Turns out…

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