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Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

So I’ve completed my initial concept to check to see if all this works. It does! Really well too.

One thing to note, since I shorted the Arduino the last time, I went to Lee’s electronics the next day. Bought myself 2 Arduino’s this time.

Turns out that I must have weakened the GSM shield. It worked perfectly well all the way up until I get to school and plug it in the outlet to get it ready for presentation… Uhh.

Back to Lee’s electronics to purchase another GSM board. Maybe this time I’ll get a proper 12 volt 3 amp power supply with a ground pin. VERY IMPORTANT! capacitance sensors must be grounded. When used to sense humans at a distance (3-5 inches) you need a reference voltage. The human body is at a fairly constant voltage compared to ground. A power source from the wall will vary without a reference, but with ground feedback. This variation is eliminated.
For the next post, I will upload my Arduino code.

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