The Home Project – multi project cleanup day

So today was a busy day. But I don’t really have a project to show for it. I built up my patio furniture, I cleaned the BBQ, I added a small shelf above my front entrance closet, I added hooks in Jenn and I’s bathrooms, I patched up the deep scratch in our master bedroom, I added our weather vane near the front entrance.
These are mostly just tasks, part of a larger project called “the home project”
added shelf creates more storage space

weather vane (will be part of a future project for the entrance: Key/notes/mail/etc featuring tempered glass-solid steel-exotic wood) design to come soon …

you can see the dots of tape that mark the purchase of our very first dining table (17TH C. MONASTERY ROUND DINING TABLE). Check it out here: Restoration Hardware

Patio set installed and cleaned

hook added to hold towel while showering … now we can grab the towel when we have soap in our eyes. And the towel does not get wet like when I would drape it over the door.
Here’s Jenn’s. Same Idea.
And the Spackle drying on the deep scratch.

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