The Work-Space Project – Design day errr… 3?

So, I know I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve been busy with school & I’ve also been doing some research on some of the projects that I’m trying to accomplish (read: no visible progress).
So as you can see, I have decided that I will use a tool chest to store my tools. This will be more mobile & less cumbersome than my original idea of shelving/drawers. I’m also going to keep it in the closet area. This helps keep the working area free and clear.
I was also looking into work horses but I stumbled upon this really awesome and simple 
DIY WORKSHOP TABLE LIFT from Charles (@MetalDesigner). This guys is really good at this. Definitely something I will need to work up to. It turns out this is the same guy I got the trolley model & hoist model from. The trolley will have to be modified to suit my needs.

With a simple peg board design I also hope to keep the tools I’m working on and constantly in need of open and accessible.

And here is exactly what I’m looking for as a pirate booty chest for our living room. This chest was originally designed and built by Jimmy DiResta you can see him build this awesome chest on his YouTube below:

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