Art Project – Modern Art MOD Wall

As a housewarming project (& for ongoing development) Jenn came up with the brilliant idea of getting friends to paint small squares for us. In order for this to work, I figure that we need a place to put (& remove) incomplete tiles. Since, you know, this will be a work in progress but also needs to look good at the same time.

I searched the home depot page for some sort of flat-bar stock that would both look good and be functional. I came up with this thing: Home Depot – H. Paulin Flat Bar. The only problem is that it costs about $3/ft … total cost of this art deco would be upwards of $120.

So we’ll see. I was willing to spend up to $50 on this. Maybe I’ll find a different framing material that’s not so expensive.

One thought on “Art Project – Modern Art MOD Wall”

  1. For anyone who wants to do their own art wall project, I bought 32 6inch x 6inch canvasses from Michaels. They sell them in packs of 4 for 20$ (minus 40% or 50% depending on what their coupon of the day is).

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