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Star Lord Mask – Functionality Upgrade, the only star lord mask you can wear all night

After wearing this helmet yesterday for the first time in public, I absolutely needed to perform this upgrade! Holy shit, you do not realize how trapped you feel when wearing a foam mask that does not open. Have you seen the movie: Man in the…

Hitting with the big leagues. DropBOB Needs a LOGO!

What logo do you think is best for DropBOB Designs   A) Earthy, snowy, sciency B) Spiritual, coffeebean C) Mechanical and loud D) Cartoony, goofy but businessy Poll Maker Logo created with: http://logomakr.com, After you selection, the wining logo will be refined and more detail…

DropBOB(tm) Designs, Short-term Roadmap: Current projects

So, as you’ve most likely seen, I’ve managed to create and release a functional and super connected cold drip coffee maker that is more accurate and versatile (and some would say better looking) than any out there on the market … DropBOB(tm) Coffeeshop version Idea…

Halloween Cosplay Build – Star Lord, the making of

  Star Lord Helmet, Cosplay by DropBOB Designs My Star Lord Helmet is finally complete. Read on for the making of this helmet by DropBOB designs. I wanted to make my own version of the Start Lord helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy, but I…

DropBOB(tm) Designs – Open for business!

DropBOB(tm) Designs is officially open for business. I have been terrible at blogging lately, but this is only because I’ve been busy at work. Check it out: DropBOB(tm) closed loop drip system – Industrial style in Large If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve opened up…


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