DropBOB(tm) Designs – Open for business!

DropBOB(tm) Designs is officially open for business. I have been terrible at blogging lately, but this is only because I’ve been busy at work. Check it out:
DropBOB(tm) closed loop drip system – Industrial style in Large
If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve opened up my shop in the form of a Blog with a cart to the right. Feel free to browse my wares. Many of the items can be modified and configured as you like them, right from your browser. I will be adding more options shortly.

I’ve also expanded myself and have started selling on Etsy. Check out my Etsy Shop here. I’m also on facebook at DropBOBdesigns, Like my page!

The personal version of the DropBOB(tm) closed loop drip system is currently in beta version #3.5.0 but it is out for production. Any sales of the beta version will have its features upgraded to the final version at no extra charge.
Also, feel free to add come custom notes at checkout, as these are all hand made, I can probably include any custom features that you may want. Want the base marble? I might be able to do that. Want galvanized pipe? Want aluminum? Etc. Note that these extras will be quoted on a job by job basis.
On another note, DropBOB(tm) designs is not only for personal coffee drip systems. DropBOB(tm) designs is more of a mantra for unique well designed products. Handcrafted and meticulously assembled. A place where Art meets function.
Here’s a sneak peak at my next project:

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