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Poor Man’s Lathe

Just a simple post today. I’m adding the finishing touches to my Star Lord cosplay costume (Making the foot rockets), just in time for the Vancouver Fan EXPO. I wanted to share a simple hack that I’m sure others have done (or not) in the past.

I was in need of a Lathe … but I had none in sight … (had to change the audio … more calming than the high pitch squeals). Also, sorry for the vertical video (It’s best watch on your phone).

So I used what I had in my shop to hack myself together a functional, but real sketchy, lathe. Watch the video for a preview. Oh, and yes, I’m using a grinder (from Dremel) to carve the wood on this lathe …

The key to any lathe is being able to keep the rotating piece as concentric as possible while spinning. So I racked my brain and put together a few socket wrenches (22mm and 1″) to get these 1″ diameter dowels spinning. I Installed the sockets on my drill press using a socket to drill attachment on the live end (3Pcs Socket Adapter 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ to Hex Drill). And on the dead end, I just used a Socket Drive Adaptor (3/8-Inch Drive x 1/2-Inch Socket Adaptor). Both of these are great deals on Amazon right now.

The Socket Drive adaptor was almost a perfect fit for the hole already on my drill press (Did I say I got this drill press for $60 … best purchase I ever made, it’s usually on regular for over $200 at Canadian Tire). Regardless, adding some painters tape and a washer made it a perfect and concentric fit.


 You can see the difference a lathe makes right away … can you tell which one I made with a carving knife? Today, I’m painting these and working on the Star Lord double barrel guns. Here’s a preview of the boots:

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