Merry Christmas from team DropBOB!

So as you know, I usually don’t like to just purchase a pre-made Christmas card from the store … I like to make my cards. This means using unconventional materials for the card business.

Can you guess which card I made?

To wish all my followers a Merry Christmas I put together this quick How-To on how to make your loved ones a card that they won’t be able to put in the spot they usually store Christmas cards in …

Start by finding some scrap material that you think will look good together. Find some hinges (even better if they have springs) and screw those in.

Now add a latch. If you don’t have any latches … Like me, just use another hinge … And drill out one of the holes enough to fit a screw.

Now, if your hinges are spring loaded, you’ll want to add a stopper so that you significant other doesn’t get their fingers caught … You don’t want to go to the hospital on Christmas day … She’ll hate you.

Now wire up some electronics to make it flashy! I used an old led harness from a dollar store hat that I bought for her birthday last year …

Now add some writing to show you care!

That’s it, the DropBOB simple guide to making a card that won’t fit in any card storage ever.

If you liked this, you can check out my other blog posts. Last year, I made Jenn’s card out of metal. You can check that one out here.

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