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Year: 2017


Growth Chart concept design for a child’s Man Cave

I’ve been working on a design for a child’s growth chart. This may not be the final design I go with, but let me share what I have so far. I’ve recently been experimenting with sketching directly from my phone. Before you guys judge me, let me tell you my reasons behind this. It’s just so convenient always having every type of brush and color. Oh, and the Copic colours! And layers, OMG I just love using layers. Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get down to the real stuff. Let me tell you about […]


Christmas Stocking Project: good news/bad news

It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means! Christmas decorations are here! I usually like to make my own custom decorations, and this year is no different … We’ll sortof. This year, my wife and I decided that we would not put up the christmas tree. It’s sad I know, but because we now have a 4 week old (YAY!), It’s a really big hassle to put up the christmas decorations. We basically have the sofa bed out like 70% of the time. So the only thing that will be christmas-y this year will be our fireplace mantle adorned […]

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Bitcoin Predictions – a market popularity analysis (Opinion)

I’ve always been an early adopter when it comes to new technology. Back in about Sept 2012 I decided to get involved in this new thing they called Bitcoin. For me it was all about trying to understand the technology, so I did some rresearch. I found a nice website that you could calculate the estimated earnings from a Bitcoin mining machine. This allowed me to compare different machines and make an educated decision on what to buy. I ended up spending $60 on this little beauty. Or at least that’s what the company said it would look like. The […]


DropBOB.ca -> Upgrades with a new look!

So I’ve finally pulled the trigger on updating my site from the lazy WordPress.Com to the self managed WordPress.Org … you can search online for the details of the differences, but the major changes for me are these: More freedom (I can change anything I want. Basically I have a free reign … Which is necessary when you’re OCD like me) Infinite plugins! … oh man I love these awesome plugins Better RSS (e-mail post notification management)

Link Shield wall mount
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“SN02” – Legend of Zelda – Link Cosplay by DropBOB Designs

I’ve managed to complete my Link from Legend of Zelda Cosplay a few weeks ago. Right on time for the Vancouver Fan Expo 2017. Turns out that I couldn’t make it to Fan Expo … You see, I had to spend the entire weekend in the hospital! And let me tell you … It was AWESOME! I am now the proud father of a Baby girl. Please do read my wife’s blog if you are interested in the details. I have broken up this cosplay update into 3 parts below. First I will start with Link’s Tunic, Then the Hylian […]