DropBOB commissioned project – Pyramid Head – Ready for Approval

So, I’ve completed the Design of the Pyramid head Cosplay that was requested . Below are the approval drawings created.

Click on image above to go to PDF file

I’m actually quite happy about how the design turned out. I’m really looking forward to making this thing!

Just to give you an idea comparing this with my original design. I actually tried to ship the original design, but quickly learned about the rules of regular shipping (i.e less than 2.7m of Girth + length). Needless to say, the shipping (through LTL) was too much for the purchaser to accept. So I still have this packaged up.

The original was a little bigger than my current revised design and was much heavier (not unbearable for wearing, but close). The current design should weigh in around 10-12 lbs, which is not bad (much less than a backpack full of university textbooks).

The approval drawings helped me to review important details, like layout of the pieces on plywood and also check the minimum box size I can fit all the pieces in. I also sourced all the parts so that I could make sure I stayed within price point.

I was hoping that the design I came up with was right on price … but it was not. In order to stay within range, I had no choice but to cut back on a few non-essentials. I had to keep to only the bottom black steel bars. and also reduce the rear black steel unions from 4 to 2. I also had to cut back on the steel mesh accent where the “eyes” are.

The design is still within the intent. Thought, I feel like I personally would go for all the extras (but that’s me). So, I’m leaving the option to go for the extras, but at a little upcharge. This leaves more flexibility depending on the intent and artistic effect desired.

Hope you like it!

@ DropBOB Designs

*awesome tetris gif made by Deviantart user: SimplySilent, just needed something to kill the link from the first image so that it can be used to download pdf. 

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