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DropBOB commissioned project – Pyramid Head

Currently working on a commissioned project. A re-make to my original Pyramid head Cosplay from back a few years ago. Now I can finally make it better!

As with all, my projects, I like to first design it in 3D to help me get the proportions right and get the fastening details correct as well.

I’ll be using this model to create approval drawings to get all the details exactly per customer specifications. This model is just preliminary and may change drastically depending on preferences.
Feel free to play around with the above model and zoom in for details!
I should have approval drawings out in a day or two depending on how busy I am.
-DropBOB Designs
misc model sources:
Male Human Body
by BRO1977
from GrabCAD: https://grabcad.com/library/male-human-body-1
by Col Blake
from GrabCAD: https://grabcad.com/library/sword-97/details?folder_id=2053893

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