So I’ve completed the Made-to-Order Pyramid Head helmet for a Silent Hill Stage Production commissioned through my Etsy Shop.

Here’s the Recap. I built most of the structure & was ready for paint just this past Weekend.

Then I started on the part that actually fits your head (the foam). The first time I built this Cosplay for myself a few years back, I actually lined the whole inside with foam. I thought it would make it “softer” … well it did … but it was also awkward & heavier … I actually needed a massive steel chain as a counterweight in the back. Worked fine, but not what most people want.

I’ve kept the weight of this one way down by using some clever design feats. Starting from the foam helmet. Built using a simple foam mat:

By using a program called Pepakura, I was able to basically flatten what would normally be a 3d structure. Many people use this program to build very detailed masks and even full body costumes. Just last year I used it to build a Star-lord costume for myself. This time I tried my own design.


After just a bit of glueing, using some water based (low odor) contact cement, the helmet is already starting to take shape.


Then glue the 2 halfs together… and you have yourself a very simple helmet. I need to refine my flat modeling a little though … I think it has a few little odd bumps … But not to worry, this is on the inside. The important part is that it’s functional!
But first, my morning espresso.
Also, the inside will have a softer foam to “hug” the head a little. Wearing this is actually quite comfy … I would wear it all day if I didn’t look like this:

But hey, that’s the face I was born with, so tough.

I’ve also added a chin strap (cuz I couldn’t look more “special” right?) … I figure if this thing is going to be used in a stage production, It should probably be securely fastened, just in case. This gives the user more options too. You don’t have to wear the strap … but you can if you want.

Next is the paint job.


It came out quite nice. I used the “Hammered Burnished Amber” spray paint. This gives it the nice metallic rust look.



Putting it all back together now so that I can add the Mesh screening. This makes seeing the persons face very difficult. Unless you shine a light inside the pyramid head, all you see is a dark scary shadow.


Selfies are hard to take with a tiny mirror.

Using contact cement for attaching the screen meshing was the only way to make sure it didn’t come off. This velcro is pretty strong.

Mesh fits perfectly!


I also added interior velcro for the foam helmet to stay in place. Since the steel bars are quite heavy, the balance of this thing is slightly to the front. So this velcro helps a little.



Overall pretty successful. Now to take apart and ship. I’ll probably go purchase some shipping material tomorrow. Hopefully ship by Wednesday, latest Thursday.

Hope you like it!