I started the Lego block build for a customer in California. They selected a size 6, blue Lego block.I purchased all the material and I even purchased a new tool for the job! More on this later…

First things first, I acquired and cut the high quality Cedar Wood 2×6 lumber into the correct size.

Bound the bundle together using 2x large deck screws for each bundle. Carefully marking the location of where all the holes need to go.

Second, I did some testing for a new method of creating “plugs” for this project. After the plugs are created using a hole saw, I place the “plug” in my drill press, using is as a low-budget lathe.

Using some sandpaper on the low-speed setting, the plug becomes super smooth. This is perfect for what I need! I was using pine in this test, so the cedar should turn out even better!

Next, I get to use my favorite new tool! I saw this thing at Rona while purchasing the material I needed for this project. This is an adjustable Wood Spade bit. Now I can precisely make a hole at any size I want!!! ANY SIZE! (From 7/8” up to 3”).

I’ll continue this build when I return from my trip to the sunshine coast (aptly named). Until then, enjoy these images I just took: