So it turns out the Helmet was too big for my customer. The measurements seemed fine, and they were the same measurements as my own head so I thought it would have been perfect …

But it turns out there may be more at play than just the dimensions (head shape maybe?) … who knows. Either way, I’ve reduced the side Chord length from 12″ to 11″ and the top Chord length from 16″ to 13″ (this way it doesn’t ride unto the eyes and is slightly tighter on the sides).

This being my second go at using Pepakura Designer to flatten a custom model, I definitely feel like I’m getting better at this. I was able to keep this hemisphere shape in 6 pieces (like before), but this time all the pieces were actually in one piece … No more Mr. salad fingers (get my reference there?). The hard part about flattening spheres is the Gaussian curvature. Anything with a Gaussian curvature greater than 0 will require some deformation to flatten. This is fine for foam, but the trick it spreading out all the deformation equally throughout all the pieces so that the shapes are still easy to manage.

Next step is to bring it into reality, by printing it, cutting it, and transcribing it into the foam!

Once the foam pieces are cut out, add some contact cement on the edges you want to glue and let dry for about 30 min (for the water based cement).

now connect the quarters, and add more glue and wait …

And the final connections.

This thing now fits like a glove, and that’s without the inch thick inner foam liner that I add for comfort. It’s giving me some pretty sweet ideas for next years halloween costume! Remember to sign up for email notification (top right) if you want to stay on top of my crazy projects! (you’ll only get a summary e-mail if I post something, once every week or two … also lets you know that I’m still alive, which is good).

Even with a large amount of forward force, I can’t get it to cover my eyes, so this should be good. I’ll still add the inner foam liner to make it a little tighter and more comfortable.

I’ll continue to awesome-ize this thing in the next couple days. The glue is still drying … dry faster!!!

Team DropBOB