So I’ve finished the design of my interface board between the ESP32 and my Cold Brew Coffee Maker PRO. It was mostly complete a little while ago, but I had not yet done the design checks for this new awesome service I discovered. I was searching for a simple and affordable board printing service. There are a bunch, I know, but I really do like this one: which runs their orders through

This service is located around Portland on the west coast of the US … so it’s in my timezone! I love the west coast, but let’s be real, most services and businesses are typically on the East coast. It’s nice to find one closer to home.

Now, I’m not sure I’m fully sold on the purple … but that’s the only colour (you know to keep costs down). But I really do love their online ordering system. It lets you upload a simple Eagle BRD file and will let you double check your order with simple images before you confirm.

DropBOB Interconnect

And the price (in USD) is really awesome (and includes shipping). This is perfect for a prototype run!

Since my design is fully open source, I am sharing my board design as well. You can order the board itself right from here:

Order from OSH Park

All in all a great service. Now to test out my design and see if it works …

And in order to make this Board function as intended. I’m also sharing my digikey cart for anyone wanting to try it out:

Order from Digikey

Once this delivers, I will most likely be troubleshooting for a while … you know … since I’ve never done this before … And I really have no idea what I’m doing … don’t people go to school to learn how to do this? Always keep learning kids! Never stop!

Anyway, I’ll post an update after I receive these parts. Digikey should ship in like a day or two (I swear they use some magic witchcraft to ship their stuff so fast) and the boards I’ve been told will be on the May 10th printing cycle. Pretty quick overall!

Here’s what it should look like hopefully:


DropBOB Interconnect board – CoffeeMkr PRO Beta1