So I tried something new this past weekend … and it turns out new things aren’t always awesome … nor deliberate. For the first time ever, I was sitting in the cinema, waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to begin, when I felt a sneeze coming. I had a tiny little mint in my mouth so I wanted to reach for it before I could shoot it out into the crowd in front of me … but the sneeze came too quick.

The first thing I do when I sneeze is, I inadvertently take a deep breath. Well, this deep breath took the tiny little “Frisk” mint along with it (black version, for extra strength!). So after a few seconds of brain not kicking in to realize what It’s done … I could tell you what it felt though …  It was shocked. I could tell that much because I didn’t actually sneeze. The moment the mint hit the back of my throat I seized-up. And I didn’t swallow, so the only other place the tiny little mint could be is my lungs … [now the panic start rushing through my mind]

There was a warm tingly feeling in my chest … and not the good kind. Moments later, I started to sweat … and overheat. This is when the movie actually started. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I excused myself to the washroom. People were like WTF?

I tried coughing it out … and other than a minty freshness, I couldn’t get anything out. I tried putting myself upside down and cough … still nothing. So I did the next most logical thing … Googled: “What happens when you inhale a mint” … Well, let me tell you. That did not help! Oh no. Now, not only was I scared of coughing mint for a while … Now I was also sure that I was going to get Pneumonia & some sort of lung fungus … [Now the sweating is noticeable]

I calm myself for a few minutes and gain enough composure to go back to the movie. I inconvenience a few blokes to regain my seat while the movie gets good … I really do try to stay calm and continue watching the movie … Oh god, why is nothing funny … Oh god, I’m sweating again … Oh god, things are not funny when I’m sweating for no reason …

I had to go. I really could not stay. I whisper into my wife’s ear “I inhaled a mint” … her look of concern now doubles … Ok, so we inconvenience a few more people on our way out … Man, I really, really wanted to see that movie … [sad face]

So I grab some fresh air, sitting on the movie theater steps while my wife also comes to the conclusion (using Google) that I now have Pneumonia. We end up calling 8-1-1 on our drive home. Did you know that 8-1-1 is the Non-emergency medical advice line? I did not know that. So I get patched through to a Registered Nurse within about 5 min. She asks me a bunch of questions and sort-of hints at the fact that she doesn’t think I actually inhaled a mint … since I’m not keeled over in pain … or having spasms … or breathing anomaly … ok, why don’t you just call me a hypochondriac while you’re at it …

Her reasoning definitely helped reassure me. I still felt weird for the rest of the night … and I swear I could feel something when I coughed. Either way, the rest of my night was uneventful. I sipped on some warm tea that my lovely wife made for me … and I’m pretty sure she also woke up every hour that night to make sure I was still breathing … It’s nice to be loved in these moments. Thank you, Love!

OK, I warn you now, this next part gets nerdy. You can leave now if you don’t like the nerdy stuff.

OnePlus Two – Phone Toggle Issues:

The next day I decided to work on some small projects that had been bugging me for quite some time now. First thing I tackled is a small issue with my phone software:

  • The “SELinux” which was required by One of my apps to modify the toggle switch on my OnePlus 2 was always reverting back to “enforcing”, while the app requires it to be “permissive”

So after lots of googling, and some rather futile attempts at getting it fixed using the awesome “Tasker” app. I got convinced, that any app requiring this vulnerability is probably doing it wrong … or not in the best way.

All I wanted was my phone to allow my to control the volume & vibrate functions depending on the switch locations … and I don’t want that “priority” bulshit Oneplus has programed in there by default.

It turns out you can get Tasker to do this all for you. All you need is 3 profiles each activated by the “State > Variable > %INTERRUPT” each state can be defined by the following values: “all”, “priority”, “alarms”, “none” … and this depends on what you originally set them in your settings.

You can find my pre-programed tasker profiles here (all you have to do is import):

Wake on LAN – wiring issue:

Now,  my second small project. I’ve been keeping my work laptop on while docked at home because I wanted to be able to access it remotely if needed. And since it connects via wifi, I didn’t have the ability to Wake on LAN (click for more info on this from a past post).

The problem is not the ability to hardwire the  laptop … The problem was the tiny little awkward hole I originally made in the wall to run the wire for my desktop.

So I thought of actually splitting the original LAN cable and using all 8 wires instead of the 4 it currently uses. This is a technique known as Ethernet Splitting. But although I know I could make this work, it has potential interference issues.

Also, I don’t like to half ass things. So I decided to make the tiny hole easier to work with. I added an inner sleeve made with an old plastic tube. Splitting the tube lengthwise allows me to make it any diameter I want just by rolling tighter or looser.

Omnicharge DC Barrel out for HP Laptop

Ok, the last thing I tackled was the issue with my barrel out power jack from my Omnicharge battery pack. This was a Kickstarter that is actually one of the best things I’ve ever backed. This is most probably due to my increase in work travel that i’ve been doing.

With this battery pack, I can work for 8-hrs on full power on my laptop without having to worry about an outlet. This is great for my coffeeshop office. The only way this is possible is if I don’t have to convert my battery power from DC to AC, and back to DC again … which is what I’d be doing if I wanted to use the full size wall outlet that comes with this thing.

In order to get the efficiency maxed out I need to pump out DC directly to the power jack of my laptop. This would be fine if I had any other laptop other than an HP or a Dell. These guys want you to buy only their power adaptors (more-so with Dell than HP). So they include a “smart pin” right in the middle of the barrel. This pin is not used for charging or anything. All it does is it signals the Laptop that this is the correct charger … I believe Dell actually uses a 1-wire signal on theirs to spell out the charger model/serial number … whereas HP only uses the voltage drop on the pin to decide how much power to pull.

So I added a 100k Ohm resistor between the high line & the signal line. If the signal line is shorted with the high line, the laptop will function at reduced power. If the signal line is shorted with ground, the laptop doesn’t pull any power from the adaptor … so you have to get the voltage in between just right. The single resistor did the trick.

I really do apologize for the long ass post. If you got to this part … and didn’t skip any of the paragraphs … you probably deserve some kind of medal … If you did, and don’t mind taking a trip to Vancouver, I’ll buy you a beer. If you’re nice enough.