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DropBOB back from Holidays, with a new bean!

And were back! What an amazing holiday. Hope you had fun following some of the Instagram pics and facebook pics I posted from a few parts of my trip to Dublin, Lisbon, Prague & Barcelona!

I picked up a little something to try out just a few days before our return. Freshly roasted coffee beans from a tiny little gem of a place in Barcelona. This small place is tucked away in the windy cobblestone streets/alleys.

Here’s where you can find the place if you’re ever in Barcelona (https://goo.gl/maps/6PdidoQZxTK2):

Image 1.png

I’m still quite a bit jetlagged … so I’ll be taking the next 2-3 days easy and just relax! Hopefully I can get you guys an update on my PRO cold brewer in the next week or so.


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