Nursery Baby Change Table Build – By #DropBOB Designs

So, I have quite a few projects on the go. Among my cold brew coffee maker, I need to also prepare for our little girl that we’re expecting in the fall of this year. So, I’ve designed and built a custom (DropBOB Design Original) Baby Changing Table.


Safety First! Cutting wood creates lots of dust (and I’ve been particularly affected by pollen lately). Also always wear goggles with foam protectors when cutting!
The whole time that we were buying wood, Jenn kept saying that it wouldn’t fit … “No honey, I’m sure I’ve fit an 8-ft long thing before” … “your car isn’t even 8-ft … it won’t fit” … looks who was right?

It fit!
The first part of any project is taking measurements. I took lots of measurements. and double checked them too. I still managed to get 4 pieces wrong …
Just a quick break to take a family photo

Now, I think we all remember the “Jenn-by-law” that noise and dust can only be made between the hours of “not when Jenn is home” … ya, so After all my measurements were done. I notified Jenn that she should probably go check out the mall …

Workshop is not big, but I make it work.

It actually only took about a hour for all the cutting to be done. Overall it was a pretty simple cutting job since I designed the project to use mostly the sizes that I could easily find at home depot. only a few trims here and there.

Now that all the pieces are cut to length I messaged Jenn and told her that she can come back from the mall and not spend all our money…
Its important to make sure that the pieces fit and are perfectly square! for that I used my trusty sheet of aluminum (where did that come from again?) The sheet gives me a nice an flat surface. I then use my Quick-Grips to keep the pieces in place before screwing them together.
First side done! It looks just like the 3d model! awesome.
Then the shelves. these are nice and straight. And I made sure to use some 90-deg connectors to hide the screws from view.
Here is the tabletop I went with. Just some simple planks. I wanted to be a little fancy here and ad a second layer, but the wife didn’t look so pleased … I have an odd sense of style, so I always check with her before I do the weird stuff. I do think that once our little girl is older, I want to modify this changing table a little. I’m thinking of making it a smoothed concrete top … maybe with some cracks and held together with a layer of epoxy … ya, is that weird?
Here is the baby change table in the nursery, all ready to be used … or, you know, pooped on.
you can see the 2 knobs that I got Jenny to choose. She made a good choice.
That little flap at the front with the knobs is my very own DropBOB Baby Bumper(c) Patent pending …
You see if you lift it, there are 2 little black bars on the inside.
these rotate down after the DropBOB Baby Bumper(c) is raised up.
Keeping the DropBOB Baby Bumper(c) up with both bars locked in place is the only safe way to change your baby’s diaper. All those other people using the “seat belt” are just really unsafe with their babies. Nothing but the best for our little girl!
Here’s the view from the baby when the DropBOB Baby Bumper(c) is in place.
Even the wife loves it!
Oh … ya, I guess you can change the stuffed animals here too … weirdo.
Ya, they look like they’re having fun.

As usual, feel free to download my 3d Model from GrabCad: baby-change-table-Model It’s got everything you’d need to build it yourself … minus the tools.


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