So, I have quite a few projects on the go. Among my cold brew coffee maker, I need to also prepare for our little girl that we’re expecting in the fall of this year. So, I’ve designed and built a custom (DropBOB Design Original) Baby Changing Table.






Now, I think we all remember the “Jenn-by-law” that noise and dust can only be made between the hours of “not when Jenn is home” … ya, so After all my measurements were done. I notified Jenn that she should probably go check out the mall …

It actually only took about a hour for all the cutting to be done. Overall it was a pretty simple cutting job since I designed the project to use mostly the sizes that I could easily find at home depot. only a few trims here and there.

As usual, feel free to download my 3d Model from GrabCad: baby-change-table-Model It’s got everything you’d need to build it yourself … minus the tools.