Our little baby girl will be born in a few weeks, so we decided to repaint her room. The original owners thought the this green was a nice color …

I actually didn’t mind it … Until I saw the alternative. Now that I think of it, damn that green was ugly …


Now the worst part isn’t actually the ugly green. It’s the fact that the previous owners did such a terrible job painting that really annoyed me. If I was more experienced with repainting rooms, I probably would have caught the issues and corrected it … But I didn’t … Now we will have to live with the little bits of green that are still showing on the trims.


So for anyone who is starting a repainting project. Here is what I learnt in the process of painting this room.

The first thing you want to do, even before tapping, is repaint your baseboards and trim (if needed). Especially if the previous painters did a terrible job with their tapping. You don’t even have to worry about painting only the baseboards or trim. You can go ahead an apply a healthy blotch of white (usually white) on the boards and a little on the walls too. This will make sure that when you do a great job with your tapping, the previous color doesn’t still show on the boards.


The good news is that this room turned out amazingly good looking! I’m in love with the two tone room design now.


I actually made a virtual model of the colouring scheme before we purchased the colours. I used my phone to take a picture of the swatches that we got from the hardware store. But that didn’t work very well … so I ended up just googling the colours and finding the online digital equivalents:

Here’s what it looks like rendered:

The pink actually came out bang on! all the shadows and lighting in the room look really nice with the color selections.


Hope you learned something along the way!