It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means! Christmas decorations are here! I usually like to make my own custom decorations, and this year is no different … We’ll sortof. This year, my wife and I decided that we would not put up the christmas tree. It’s sad I know, but because we now have a 4 week old (YAY!), It’s a really big hassle to put up the christmas decorations. We basically have the sofa bed out like 70% of the time. So the only thing that will be christmas-y this year will be our fireplace mantle adorned with a Christmas Stocking, actually three to be exact.

Christmas Stocking, why so late!

With about a week left to christmas day, my wife could no longer wait for me to get off my ass and make this custom Christmas Stocking that we’ve been talking about for months. She saw this great post from HGTV on making your own custom Christmas Stocking and obviously couldn’t resist when she saw the toolbelt one. Heres the original post:

What it should look like:


Christmas Stocking from HGTV

The materials:

So a few months ago, my wife found a really cute kids’ tool belt from london drugs. She got the Black & Decker Junior Tool Belt Set, you can find it here:

From there, we wanted to make the rest of the Christmas Stocking from actual toolbelt leather … That actually would have been wicked. But, we never ended up going to the fabric store … Luckily, my wife picked up this cute little moose stocking from Chapters. You can find it here:

The teardown:

First step is to surgically remove the moose from the Christmas Stocking. The build quality (mostly just the hand sewing) from this moose stocking is not that great. The Sock knitting itself is pretty good though, so I didn’t feel so bad cutting up the moose like that. If you are doing this, you want to make sure to keep enough of the moose to reinforce the sock and toolbelt combo. The toolbelt and sock by themselves are made of very soft material. Neither of them on their own would look very good hanging on the fireplace because they would just scrunch up. That wouldn’t make for a very nice Christmas Stocking pinterest photo, now would it?

The Build:

The hardest part of all of this was sewing the pieces all together. Since the Sock knitting is so soft and fluffy, and the tool belt material is like a thin felt material it was extremely difficult to combine both fabrics. You should add a stiff backing to the inside of the sock, this will make sure that you have a stiff enough main construction peice to attach to. I also recommend doing all the sewing by hand, not by machine since my thread continually kept breaking due to the weird material compositions. So, ya, I eventually gave up and started to hand sew it.

Also, the only way to get the sock to keep a nice shape like this was to cut out a piece of cardboard in the exact shape of the Christmas Stocking and insert it inside.

Parts Summary:

  • Black & Decker Junior Tool Belt Set – $24.99 (currently on sale for $14.99)
  • moose stocking from Chapters – $34.50 (currently on sale for $20.50)
  • Cardboard
  • Sewing thread & needle

In Retrospect, I’m ok with how it turned out but I would do it very differently had I had known all this to begin with. My suggestion to anyone building a custom Toolbelt Christmas Stocking is that you need to use a much stiffer fabric. If you can find real toolbelt leather, go for it, I’d recommend a very thick and rough leather. I would also either make the toolbelt with the same leather to make it look more uniform. With a stiffer material, you should also be able to have some real tools hanging instead of the children’s version. It would be awesome to have a realistic toolbelt Christmas Stocking, but that would probably take me days, not hours. Maybe a future project. Maybe i just leave it alone

Let me know what you think I should do in the comments!