I’ve been working on a design for a child’s growth chart. This may not be the final design I go with, but let me share what I have so far.

growth chart submitted to deviantart

I’ve recently been experimenting with sketching directly from my phone. Before you guys judge me, let me tell you my reasons behind this. It’s just so convenient always having every type of brush and color. Oh, and the Copic colours! And layers, OMG I just love using layers.

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get down to the real stuff. Let me tell you about this growth chart project. I’ve been wanting to design a child growth chart for our new baby girl. She is about 7 weeks now, but I need to get this done before her first birthday.


The inspiration:

I wanted something that would match my love of industrial chic (similar to my industrial pipe shelf I built a while back). So I merged 2 designs that I found on Pinterest. Starting

with the simple ruler type growth chart design:

Etsy Seller for growth chart

I actually like the ruler design, especially this one from KatesLittleShop on Etsy. But I wanted to add a little more uniqueness to it. So when I came across this wine rack from doityourselflist on Pinterest, my mind immediately made the connection:

blog for DIY wine rack


The growth chart design:

growth chart original sketchThe starting point for me was a little rough. I’d played around with computer sketching before, but not very much. So I made a lot of mistakes. All of which I was able to fix quite easily because of how powerful and intuitive this app is. Autodesk sketchbook is a really well made app and totally worth the $5 for the pro version.

the details:

After figuring out how the layers work, I was actually able to draw the pipe stack that I wanted to use layer by layer. I can actually add or remove a pipe piece just by clicking it on or off. It’s quite satisfying really. I’m thinking of using the “record” option in the app for my next design (we’ll see if I feel confident enough yet …)

pipe design


After properly understanding layers, I went back and fixed up the main board piece for the growth chart. Specifically the wood color, shading and texture. After a bit of experimenting, I ended up with this and figured that that is as good of a wood texture as I’m ever going to get. I also kept the like sketch marks on the outside to keep some of it’s sketch-like flair.

wood design

Then I added the pipes back in and also added some black steel bars to hold the planks together. Adding the white luminous accents to Black steel pipes using the copic colours was magical! It was easy and intuitive.

Wood and Pipe together

Final take:

The final image turned out much better than I expected. This is my first ever digital sketch. I think I have a whole lot more to learn, but I’m happy with the result. The growth chart turned out exactly as
I had imagined it and the fact that I was able to sketch it so well with Little to no training on this app speaks wonders of the app itself.

Final design put together

The wife ultimately decided that this design was not suited for a child’s room … Maybe she’s right, I will continue to work on another design and see if I can get the next one approved.

Stay tuned to find out what the next one will look like. Oh and let me know in the comments if you agree with my wife … Is this not child friendly?