Bathroom Tiling:

Bathroom tiling is probably not something the typical homeowner enjoys doing. But a good tiling job can make a huge difference in a home. Our current home has sheet linoleum in both of our bathrooms. It’s been ok, nothing fancy and it’s still in pretty good shape, but we’ve wanted to tile these washrooms ever since we bought this place like 4 years ago.

linoleum floor sheet


The other day, we noticed that one of our baseboards is getting really moisture damaged near the tub. So I’ve decided that this is the next most important project in the house. I need to make sure that the water is not causing worst damage that we can’t see. So the only way to do that is to rip up the floor, remove the baseboards and  inspect the area behind. Hopefully all is clear, otherwise I may have to put up a new wall … Not only am I planning to retile the floors, but I’m also going to add the floor tiling as a baseboard (or other marble/porcelain type baseboard). Most people actually recommend it due to the durability in waterprone rooms.

This one is mine ... I was careful and always dry myself off in the shower before exiting.
Baseboard damage 1
Baseboard water damage 2
Look how bad this one is!!!


Heated Floors:

Since I’ll be installing either porcelain, or marble, or ceramic bathroom tiling (I haven’t decided yet … read: wife still needs to pick a finish), I’ve decided that I also want to remove the electric baseboard heating and replace them with under floor heating. We’ve actually never turned the baseboard heater. Not even once while we’ve lived here. So this will make it a little more useful and comfortable. It’s not really that expensive and there are some good options on Amazon. I got myself a set of these (one for each washroom).

Heated floor wire

New Faucets:

And since our faucet fixtures are also a little dated (one is original from like 10 years ago, and the other got replaced before we moved in), we’ll be replacing these too. It actually worries me that we still have one original fixture while the other one got replaced. This means that it will probably give out any day now. Oh and I know exactly how that feels, I had to do an emergency home repair on our kitchen sink. Not fun, read about it here.

new faucet from amazon


So the first thing I do before any project is test in out in the virtual 3D world. Yes, that’s right, most people just tile … We’ll I like to make sure that my tiles are going to be optimized in every way possible. So the first thing I need is an accurate floor plan. My original CAD model of my home is based off of a scaled drawing of my floorplan by the architects. It not super accurate, so Here is all the extra measurements I took using my new favorite phone sketch app “Autodesk Sketchbook”. It’s one of the best apps for sketching and overlay sketching:

Bathroom Tiling Patterns:

Now that I have an accurate model, I proceed to testing out a few tiling patterns.

I saw an awesome tile a home depot that I thought would be amazing. This one. After a little bit of 3D modeling … I kind-of decided against this type of bathroom tiling. It would force me to make like half a million cuts. Not even exaggerating a little bit. Plug because it real marble and like 3/4″ thick it would take about 10 years to finish. The wife would not be happy. Its sad because I know this would look just like our trip to Lison.


On my next design, I was still hard-headed about wanting a Hexagon tile. This time I figured I’d try out an 8″ Hexagon tile just to see what that would look like. It does look nice, but it would require me to make a cut on every wall. This isn’t too much of a problem, It’s similar to when you want to tile a bathroom on the diagonal. It would require 76 tiles. I’m not completely deterred from using a Hexagon tile, but it would definitely be easier in a standard 12″x12″ square tile. Lets see how much easier it is actually.


If I try to line up the tiles with the vanity, I end up needing 30 tiles and needing a cut in half the tiles. I cannot reuse any of my cuts here.

If I line them up with the larger wall, I need fewer tiles because I can re-use some of my cuts. In this design, I only need 26 tiles and only need 14 cuts. This would probably be the least amount of work for me. But it is not hexagonal …

I did the same exercise in the master bathroom and this is the optimal layout. One pain in the ass is that I have a round bathtub that I will have to cut around:

Now, the plan is actually to go to a real tile store in the next week or so to see what they have and decide what we pick (read: the wife picks). I did just stumble upon these cool looking bathroom tiles for floor or wall … but I don’t think they have these here … I hate picking tile. Honey, I need a grown-up. Please pick one for me. Thank you!