Even non-interstellar hitchhiker’s should have a decent place to keep their towel! After all, it is only the most useful thing a person can own! Why not give your boring old bathroom a fresh new look. I like to go for the Industrial-Chic look myself. So, after a long overdue respite, I finally continued on my bathroom upgrade from lore (In August of 2014 I replaced by toilet paper holder with black steel pipe … almost 4 years later, now I am completing that project).

So there are 4 main things that I need to upgrade:

    1. Keep my counter clear of junk. I hate having stuff on my counter near my sink. More on that later.
    2. Upgrade my tower holder. Only peasants keep the one that came with the house.
    3. Add hand drying towel. Ya, I never had a place for this, I know, I’m sad.
    4. Re-Sow my bathroom grass … What, you don’t have grass in your washroom?

Shelves for Days

Is it weird that I hate having stuff sitting on the sink counter? I feel like whenever you see a nice bathroom photo, there is barely anything on the counter. kind-of like a staged fake home that doesn’t get used. I think that if you can remove as much as possible sitting on the counter, while still remaining fully usable, then you’ve succeeded at life! Ya, ok fine, I’m weird. But I do plan on eventually tearing down this counter and installing a much nicer sink, so let’s keep the crap on the counter to a minimum.

The first thing we’ll need is to pick some nice wood. I have a bunch of wood from past project and just took some scrap wood I had lying around from the Growth Chart I designed and built for our little girl.

I attached angle brackets onto the bottom of the wood. But as you can see, I did not use a jig to drill the holes … So this shelf is going to be the lowest one (you won’t see the angle on the lowest one).

The next ones I did use a jig to drill the holes. I basically just clamped down the angles flush and where I want them, pilot drilled small holes, and then finished the holes in my drill press. Can you see the difference?

My favorite fasteners to use on boards has always been these Metal Tee Nuts. I’m using the 3 prong type, but these come in many different versions. If you use epoxy to glue these in, they basically make your connection indestructible. Kind-of like this thing.

Now that the shelves are ready to attach to the wall, time to make some holes! Yes, i’m fully aware that there is electricity right where I drilled … But that’s why I decided to use these white plastic do-hickies (name check please). Even if I put them right through the electrical cables, it wouldn’t cause any damage.

Ya, I know, I screwed one up. Whatever, don’t care, it’ll be hidden. Shut up, stop looking there.

See, looks good.

Butting them right on the mirror makes it look like double the length shelves! Two for one.

A Towel, a man’s best friend

The next thing is the towel holder. for the last 4 years or so, my towel has been draped over a mediocre bar. Well, worry no more, now my towel will always be sitting on the finest of thrones. Oh and let me use the most badass fasteners I can find. yes, with Torq drive too, in case I hit a 2×4 made entirely of knots.

You gotta admit though, it did turn out nice. The bronze fasteners really make the black steel pop!

In comparison, here is the toilet paper holder that I upgraded in August of 2014:

Here I used some gold through bolt machine screws. I like these bolts.

knock, knock, who’s there? A Hand Towel

Now, is it weird that I got my hand towel holder in the Door knob & door hardware aisle? What do you mean this is not a towel holder?

So first off, I affixed this door knocker on a piece of wood. I had to do that because the door knocker is meant to be installed from the other side of the door, and I didn’t really feel like having a bolt visible from the hallway just to have a towel holder on my wall. This looks better anyways.

But When I tried to screw this onto the wall, the screws just floated there … kinda wobbly … and it really sucked. So I added some larger Do-hickies (still need a name check). But it turned out that they were too large … and I couldn’t figure out how to take them out after I put them in so nicely. So I got creative. I stuffed the holes with some hemp rope. Then I screwed right into the hemp rope. This worked like a charm. No more loose bolts. I wouldn’t hang off of it, but it holds the towel with at least a 10:1 safety factor relative to the towel weight.

Hey, there’s Grass in my …

So, you may think I’m weird, but I think this is the best place to put my toothbrush

If you keep your toiletries just sitting on your counter, then you’re just a slob. Give it some class, with some grass. Seriously, this is the best thing since sliced avocado toast. Oh, and the caulking gun that you totally didn’t see in the background, it’s foreshadowing. You’ll see.

Here is a Before (such a slob):

And After (shut up and take my money):

Oh and one more thing. While upgrading all these things, I noticed this hairline gap:

I hate hairline gaps (especially the receding kind). So I took some inspiration from Zac over at Zacbuilds. I used that caulking gun that was hiding in one of my photos up top. Oh, and using a caulking gun near a sink is just marvelous. Seriously, unlimited water … what, I don’t need to use my tongue to lick my caulky finger? Avocado toast, man, best thing!

Wife said I probably should have used beige … But I really didn’t want to go back to the store and get some beige caulk … I’m happy with white. Really, I am. Don’t look at me like that. Hey, don’t roll your eyes while you walk away. I can tell you’re still rolling your eyes.

I also decided to re-caulk my sink. So much nicer. I don’t think it was caulked to begin with … Which I always found weird. Problem solved. What else can I caulk?

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(⊙…⊙) Bobby Lumia