• So you’ve decided to replace your flooring in your bathroom. No biggie, you’ve seen lots of people doing it on TV, or Youtube: Tim the toolman, Bob Villa. If these guys can do it, so can you! It’s not like they have any special schooling or anything, right? Anyway, back to your task at hand. This is no ordinary post, this is a special edition “Choose your own adventure” post. You get to pick the fate of this project! If it fails (or you die), you’ll have no-one to blame but yourself.

So let’s get started, shall we? We begin the adventure in the washroom. You notice that one of your baseboards has started to warp a little, just at the corner, nearest the bathtub. After some closer examination, you determine that the cause of this warping is probably due to excess water from someone bathing, but not fully drying themselves prior to leaving the tub. The only person in the household using the tub as a primary bathing means is your wife. Your 4-month-old daughter has just started bathing in her tiny bathtub that you insert into this larger bathtub, but you doubt that she has been leaving the tub before fully drying herself.

So what should you do? On the one hand, you’ve been wanting new floors in the washrooms since you’ve moved into this place, on the other hand, you can’t seem to shake the idea that your washroom’s baseboard is not as bad. But on the other hand, these baseboards are made of MDF (Medium Density Fibers) not wood. So basically sneezing on them will cause them to swell-up like a puffer fish. Well, fellow tiler, the choice is yours:

Do you confront your wife, Or Do you take the opportunity to upgrade the washroom floors? Chose wisely!