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DropBOB commissioned project – Pyramid Head – Ready for Approval

So, I’ve completed the Design of the Pyramid head Cosplay that was requested . Below are the approval drawings created. I’m actually quite happy about how the design turned out. I’m really looking forward to making this thing! Just to give you an idea comparing this with my original design. I actually tried to ship the original design, but quickly learned about the rules of regular shipping (i.e less than 2.7m of Girth¬†+ length). Needless to say, the shipping (through LTL) was too much for the purchaser to accept. So I still have this packaged up. The original was a […]


DropBOB commissioned project – Pyramid Head – Approval Drawings

So I’ve been busy working on finishing the Model and coming up with a good set of Approvals/Layouts for my commissioned Pyramid Head Cosplay. It’s been a real hit on my Etsy Page. I’m not quite happy with these yet, but it’s a start. I often berate the drafters at my “other job” for having terrible drawings … but making drawings from scratch is hard. Especially when the information you want to convey/receive is not fully defined yet.


Vancouver Fan Expo Recap

Just wanted to post a quick recap of the Vancouver Fan Expo while it’s fresh. This was the first year I attended and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Apparently there was over 25,000 people over 3 days. I only attended the Saturday. There were some really amazing costumes from creative to exact replicas … Some people even attended all 3 days with 3 entirely different cosplay costumes. #goals The following photos were taken by the lovely JellyJube, with some editing in Lightroom by moi. more pictures after the break … The amazing thing is that this cosplay held […]


Doctor Octopus

This was a difficult cosplay, partially due to the size of the whole thing. It was difficult to get through doors. I tried to keep the weight down, so the hands were made of foam, but they did not last over time. But it was a sight to behold on Halloween day!