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Chell (Male) from Portal

Making these portal shooters was so much fun, and reminded me of my University days working on the formula Car since they are made the exact same way! fiberglass shells has kept these shooters sturdy. Now I just need to find some time to re-do the electronics and make the claws stronger by using 3d printing.


Gadget Boy

What can I say, I had a few gadgets lying around … Complete with personal body heat sink (functionally kept me very cool, a little too cool). Rear view mirror, Ceylon glasses (yes from Battlestar Galactica) I used a 555 timer chip to make the lights scan back and forth. All this connected to some lead acid batteries.


Wolverine – Xmen

the claws were hand fashioned with a grinder from heat treated, oil quenched sheet steel. I had to use many grinding wheels to get these cut. Attached to gloves with reinforced steel plates. Oh, and yes, that’s a pumpkin launcher.