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“SN03” – Plague Doctor Cosplay

This plague doctor cosplay was inspired from my trip to Venice. Much of the folklore around plague doctors originated from around that area. It turns out that the bird-looking masks are both to scare the diseases, and to fill the mask noses with fragrances to keep the stench out. I also wanted to try out some intricate leather work and wanted to keep my Halloween costume simple this year.


Doctor Octopus

This was a difficult cosplay, partially due to the size of the whole thing. It was difficult to get through doors. I tried to keep the weight down, so the hands were made of foam, but they did not last over time. But it was a sight to behold on Halloween day!


Chell (Male) from Portal

Making these portal shooters was so much fun, and reminded me of my University days working on the formula Car since they are made the exact same way! fiberglass shells has kept these shooters sturdy. Now I just need to find some time to re-do the electronics and make the claws stronger by using 3d printing.