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Nursery Baby Change Table Build – By #DropBOB Designs

So, I have quite a few projects on the go. Among my cold brew coffee maker, I need to also prepare for our little girl that we’re expecting in the fall of this year. So, I’ve designed and built a custom (DropBOB Design Original) Baby Changing Table.


Safety First! Cutting wood creates lots of dust (and I’ve been particularly affected by pollen lately). Also always wear goggles with foam protectors when cutting!
The whole time that we were buying wood, Jenn kept saying that it wouldn’t fit … “No honey, I’m sure I’ve fit an 8-ft long thing before” … “your car isn’t even 8-ft … it won’t fit” … looks who was right?

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Project Industrial pipe shelf – Upgrade, Level UP!

Puny shelf … I will destroy you!
Remember that old industrial pipe shelf project from a while back … I combines a few 3/4″ pipe fittings and some pine wood planks into a 4 layer shelf (all for about $170 … download the CAD model here). Well, this shelf started getting a little crowded over the last few months. My wife asked how easy it would be to add another layer … Well my wonderful Jelly-Jube as long as you don’t mind me making some noise …

A pre-cut 12″ x 36″ Pine Wood … About $60 later …
When I first made this shelf, I had some incredible difficulty placing the pipes in the wood. There’s actually a great picture of me (mostly my behind) trying to insert these little pipe nipples … oh the agony … and the noises I made. That was actually Jenn’s first comment … “hey, I didn’t hear you struggle … did you use a tool this time?” … “ya honey, this tool … with 2x thumbs!”
Ya well, this time i learnt. I’m using my vise grip to just press them into the too-tight-holes … I could have made the holes oversized … I really wanted to … but something in me said, “no”. I have to make it just like the other ones. Well, that was dumb. Next time make them oversized.

Removing the top of the old shelf was quite easy. Especially with the help on my favorite hammer: the Dead On Annihilator. This thing is a beast of a hammer and I try to use in in as many projects as I can. Just feeling its destructive power in my hands makes me want to DESTROY. ok, calm down, I’m building, not destroying …

Now I have a super tall shelf. Not only does it have more room for things like books, and pictures, and portal guns … but it also towers over my 5′-X” wife … he he he (oh and if you like the little boxes advent calendar, check it out here)

Bye for now
-DropBOB Designs!

GIANT Lego Secret Stash!

A long long time ago, Jenn & I make a lego spice rack. You can read about the making of the block on her blog. It was her idea and I only helped a little … 

So, after we decided to get rid of the old spices, we needed to upgrade this lego project and make more realistic legos … with a little secret … 
I decided to make this post into a GIF party … all the cool kids are doing it. And, having lots of repetitive motion hakes this the perfect post to GIFIFY!
Drill all six caps from a 2″x4″. I would actually recommend just using a 2″x6″ since that’s what the base is made from. A 2-1/4″ hole saw is what I used.
Now that the holes are partially through (the hole saw won’t go through a whole 2×4), drill the pilot hole all the way through. This will help locate the center on the other side of the 2×4.

With a smaller hole saw (using 2″ hole saw here to make a nice lip) start drilling on the other side by using the pilot holes you just made.
Now, here I’m using my drill press, but you can also do this one by hand drill with a vise … The key here is since this piece is now round, you don’t want to hold it while doing this cut. I prepared by Drill press with a 1-3/4″ hole saw, to make the lip on the piece a tad bigger.

Now that all 6 pieces are cut to size, a little sanding and filing is needed.
Sanding is more fun when you build stacks.

Now, adding some foam with a hot glue gun makes the pieces fit perfectly tight, but not too hard that I have trouble taking them out.

two GIANT legos stacked!
two GIANT legos stacked!
And the best part is that now I have 12 little tiny holes that I can hide my secret stuff … like cash … or candy … or diamonds … or other legal/illegal things you may or may not like to hide.
Let me know if you like it.
Here are a few more photos. (These I had to do in HDR … sorry).


-DropBOB(tm) Designs Out

Next Major project! — Peg Board Organizer

So I feel like its been too long since my last major project. So today I decided to pull the plug on a project that has been bugging me for a long time.

Since I have accumulated a large set of tools, you know with all the projects I’ve done, I have recently run out of space in my tool chest that I used to use to store this massive collection. This is a great tool chest by the way, if you are planning to store a few small tools this is definitely the one you should get.

Now that I have a full room that I can use to work, I feel that the best way to store many of my tools will be on a peg board system.

Here is my idea:

I’ve recently purchased a heavy duty 20-gauge rust & scratch resistant black metal peg board system called WALMP. This thing looks nice! It comes in MANY colors … I picked black to accentuate my tools … but total jizz factor here. Guys are like women when it comes to organizing their workshop. We like that our things match.

And I love that its on … I can get it next day if I wanted too. I probably would have if the hooks I wanted were also available on here. BUT, all the hooks on amazon are make for the wimpy 1/8″ peg system … I’m looking for the heavier duty 1/4″ peg system stuff … you know, I have man toys … heavy man toys. Not the stuff the little wimpy men play with.

So I did some searching around on the interwebs and fell upon this very nice looking company that ships to Canada from the US called DiamondLife. They make really cool stuff for your mancave/workshop … They have their website really well organized so that its easy to pick exactly what you want … and they use only the best 1/4″ hooks just like I wanted. They even have bins, shelves, baskets, etc … I was able to customize my order just the way I wanted my pegboard system to look.

In a few week, I’ll give you guys an update.

for now, time to enjoy a cold brew in front of a fire after a refreshing hike up a local mountain with Brad.

Actually, this was last Wednesday, but I couldn’t find any other way to include this into my story


Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Today I got really pissed off at the Corro-Plast (corrugated plastic) so much so, that I threw all my toys on the floor and went to my computer for help…
I decided to use my solidworks sheet-metal module for the first time. It’s not too bad. I made a cube, converted it to sheet-metal. Used 0.05 as my k value (this means that bending the sheet will cause more stretching in the bend than compressing) this mimics that fact that I’m cutting the corrugated part and then just bending it sharply at the front.
Then I created a flat pattern and printed. This worked so much Better than I imagined. So I picked up my toys again and continued working. I got the 1st 12 completed. I can now do the remaining 12 in about a day if I remain concentrated.
Also on a lighter note (since I’m a little high from the fumes). Contact cement is just amazing. You apply it, you let it dry to the point  where it feels completely dry to the touch. Then you stick both dry parts together and magic. They stay stuck. Seriously amazing shit.

Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Well, today at the grocery store Jenn reminded me that I have yet again forgotten to buy her an advent calendar. I wanted to get her the really good Lindor one since she got me the most amazing beer advent calendar. Turns out Lindor had started cheaping out. They don’t even put any of the big chocolates. What the hell Lindor!
So I decided to go to home depot instead and buy some MDF. I’ll make my own damn calendar. Then I’ll get my own chocolates and put them in.
here’s my progress so far:
Some mistakes not to make next time: don’t confuse epoxy with contact cement. It won’t dry. Also, hot glue did not work so well.
I was initially going to make 24 big boxes and 24 small drawers to go inside the boxes. Then I was going to magnetise the boxes. so they could be arranged a different way every year.
But, that’s a lot of boxes to make. I might just end up putting a hinged door. Also probably won’t put the magnets… We’ll see. I’ve only made 12 boxes so far.