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Industry 4.0 – general thoughts

So, I’ve been thinking of this quite a lot lately. Industry 4.0 it’s a little bit like a revolution in how our industrial system is shifting. It has a lot to do with this new concept of IoT (Internet of Things). But I think it’s also further developed by the “kickstarter” and “Etsy” trend.

This notion that you can decentralize industrialization is not a new one I’m sure, but it is quite difficult to accomplish.

Most industries are highly specialized machines; raw material in, finished product out, and repeat. Add in some R&D and some Sales people and you have the entire picture.

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Last come, first served – efficiency over ethicacy

So I have toiled with this Idea for a while now. This has only come to my attention lately due to my current backlog of work both home-wise and work-work-wise.

Is a “last come, first served” customer service model more efficient than the standard boring old “first come, first served” model? I think the answer to that depends on more information.

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