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HFID(TM) – a Humanilysis product – By Bobby Lumia

Hey Guys,

As promised, my render has finally finished. I had to redo it a few times since I had missed just a few details. I think you’ll like it. Actually only started the render last night at 3am. I had some trouble getting the lighting, shading and floor height just right. Turns out that a refractive index of 1.5 makes the insides of your car look like a fishbowl. While that might be cool, it doesn’t really portray what I’m looking for.

My Logo, only took me about a day or so to learn Adobe Illustrator:

And my short promo clip render (that took the most part of 20+ hrs) some editing also added:

All rights reserved. Car From V. Sirick. Baby seat from 5G. racing seat from Heriberto Maruz.
-Bobby Lumia