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DropBOB.ca -> Upgrades with a new look!

So I’ve finally pulled the trigger on updating my site from the lazy WordPress.Com to the self managed WordPress.Org … you can search online for the details of the differences, but the major changes for me are these: More freedom (I can change anything I want. Basically I have a free reign … Which is necessary when you’re OCD like me) Infinite plugins! … oh man I love these awesome plugins Better RSS (e-mail post notification management)

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DropBOB Interconnect board – CoffeeMkr PRO Beta1

So I’ve finished the design of my interface board between the ESP32 and my Cold Brew Coffee Maker PRO. It was mostly complete a little while ago, but I had not yet done the design checks for this new awesome service I discovered. I was searching for a simple and affordable board printing service. There are a bunch, I know, but I really do like this one: dorkbotpdx.org which runs their orders through oshpark.com.


Poor Man’s Lathe

Just a simple post today. I’m adding the finishing touches to my Star Lord cosplay costume (Making the foot rockets), just in time for the Vancouver Fan EXPO. I wanted to share a simple hack that I’m sure others have done (or not) in the past. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoivMR5wf2Y&w=320&h=266] I was in need of a Lathe … but I had none in sight … (had to change the audio … more calming than the high pitch squeals). Also, sorry for the vertical video (It’s best watch on your phone).


Star Lord Mask – Functionality Upgrade

After wearing this helmet yesterday for the first time in public, I absolutely needed to perform this upgrade! Holy shit, you do not realize how trapped you feel when wearing a foam mask that does not open. Have you seen the movie: Man in the Iron Mask … The movie does not do this feeling justice. This is why I decided that I had no choice but to perform the surgery! So now, I can go to Vancouver Fan Expo 2016 without having to worry. I can wear this helmet the whole time. Drink my fancy cold brew coffee, without […]