Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

This next step probably took about 2-3 weeks and was painful and arduous. The process is simple, using solidworks I printed cross sections of the shape, I was making, I even had the surface extended so that I could more easily work with the mold. One the cross sections were cut from foam, I used super 77 glue to glue the pieces together. It’s the only flute I could find that does not melt foam. After that it’s layer after layer of bondo then sanding, then bondo, then sanding, it really never ended…

For the front piece, I opted to start with a plug, then I made a mold from the plug. I did this so I wouldn’t have to sand a ridiculously concave structure.

Once my plug was fully sanded to a baby smooth 1000 grit wetsanding, I used floor wax (3 layers) to prevent the fiberglass resin from sticking to my plug. Worked like a charm. I even liked the texture it left on my mold so I didn’t even have any sanding left to do once the bondo was done.

Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

A few more days of work and I created the base using ply wood and some sturdy cardboard. Then with a little spray paint (flat black) I got myself some nice looking  base structures.
The part that you don’t see is the fact that the back of the gun opens using a wing nut on a large screw attached to the PVC.
Also, I had to use Bondo to make the foam paintable. Fyi, don’t try to spraypaint foam, it melts.

Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

So today I’ve decided to begin keeping track of my plethora of projects. From design to completion. My current project is this year’s Halloween costume. Jenn and I decided that this year we would go as escaped test subjects from aperture laboratories.

The first step I took was was to figure out the electronics part of making a portal gun. I had to figure out how to make an orange and blue tube of color. I decided to use a RBG (red, blue, green) LED strip. For it’s versatility and hackability into other projects (I got 5 meters of this sh*t).
After about 2 days of tinkering after work I got the right color and setup using 2 switches, an 800{ohm} resistor and 4 diodes.

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