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Serial Numbered Designs

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DropBOB Serial Numbered Designs are specially made items that have been made with the the utmost care and devotion. Only the best of our designs receive these unique hand painted markings. This page will keep track of these items and their last known locations.

“SN04” – Flintstones’ Busy board – A toy story

I really enjoy design-projects. Making things from an idea into reality: It’s the essence of engineering. But, it’s one thing to make things for yourself and a whole other thing to make it for others. That’s where you can really put your skills…

“SN03” – Plague Doctor Cosplay

This plague doctor cosplay was inspired from my trip to Venice. Much of the folklore around plague doctors originated from around that area. It turns out that the bird-looking masks are both to scare the diseases, and to fill the mask noses with…