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Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

So now that we’re so close to the finish line, it takes just a little longer to get things accomplished as you take just a few more moments to admire the almost-finished-product… As a push to the finish, and also a matter of trying to…

Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

Once the molds were done, I proceeded to make the fiberglass shells. I coated the mould with three layers of flour wax, then applied one generous layer of fiberglass resin (this is when you pray to the fiberglass gods that you don’t fuse it together)…

Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

This next step probably took about 2-3 weeks and was painful and arduous. The process is simple, using solidworks I printed cross sections of the shape, I was making, I even had the surface extended so that I could more easily work with the mold….

Aperture portal gun (codename: project aperture)

A few more days of work and I created the base using ply wood and some sturdy cardboard. Then with a little spray paint (flat black) I got myself some nice looking  base structures. The part that you don’t see is the fact that the…


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