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Hexagon Shelf – a DIY shelf project

When family is in town, what better way to spend time together than working on a Hexagon Shelf Project for our little baby girl. When I was young I used to help my father with some projects around the house. Sometimes it was installing flooring,…

Halloween Cosplay Build – Star Lord, the making of

  Star Lord Helmet, Cosplay by DropBOB Designs My Star Lord Helmet is finally complete. Read on for the making of this helmet by DropBOB designs. I wanted to make my own version of the Start Lord helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy, but I…

Peg Board Organizer – Finished product

Finally received the pieces I ordered from my last post: bobbobblogs.blogspot.ca And as I opened the box, this is what came out … a beautiful Filipino & a hedgehog …  After I told FedEx that they made a mistake, they finally brought me the parts that…

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