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#Home Renovation

Bathroom Upgrade – Always know where your Towel is!

Even non-interstellar hitchhiker’s should have a decent place to keep their towel! After all, it is only the most useful thing a person can own! Why not give your boring old bathroom a fresh new look. I like to go for the Industrial-Chic look myself. So, after a long overdue respite, I finally continued on my bathroom upgrade from lore (In August of 2014 I replaced by toilet paper holder with black steel pipe … almost 4 years later, now I am completing that project). So there are 4 main things that I need to upgrade: Keep my counter clear […]

#Home Renovation #Project

Project Industrial pipe shelf – Upgrade, Level UP!

  Puny shelf … I will destroy you! Remember that old industrial pipe shelf project from a while back … I combines a few 3/4″ pipe fittings and some pine wood planks into a 4 layer shelf (all for about $170 … download the CAD model here). Well, this shelf started getting a little crowded over the last few months. My wife asked how easy it would be to add another layer … Well my wonderful Jelly-Jube as long as you don’t mind me making some noise …


Closed loop drop-BOB: the only cold drip coffee maker you can count on!

So I’ve completed my design. I’ve converted my 3d printable files to STL files and have sent them off to the printer: www.3dhubs.com. fingers crossed that everything comes back nice … you never know with these types of “compact” housings… Plus this is my first functional 3d print … Everything else I’ve done in the past was not as critical. With this initial beta release, I can control my coffee maker from anywhere. I can check the progress of how it is doing. and I can adjust the flavor profile depending on how many drops per minute (DPM) & grind type […]


Emergency Home Repairs – Leaky sink – Upgrade time!

So I woke up this morning to a leaking sink! It was the slow leak kind that just leaks back onto itself and then slides quietly down your pipes to your downstairs neighbor’s ceiling … Ya, not fun. At least we noticed it before the neighbor did. This is the neighbor that doesn’t like me because I walk too loud … So first thing I did was run to try to shut off the water supply from the valves under the sink … little did I know these valves have never been touched since the house was installed. So I […]


Project Side Table / Bomb Shelter — COMPLETE!

So I’m proud to announce (And I’m sure Jenn is also happy to hear this) Project side table is finally complete. Full Spec’s include: 52x Grade 5 1/2″ bolts w/ washers & nuts, 6x 4″ long structural wood screws, 20x conspicuous socket head cap screws, 1x door handle, 4x Concealed Spring Hinges, 1x 2″x4″ base, 1x entire elevator crate, 4x structural heat treated high carbon steel plates shaped and forged to suit (read I made lots of noise), 5x pieces of 4″x6″ construction site dunnage, 2x pieces 3/4″ plywood shelves, 4x heavy duty slide guides for shelving, 1 can of water based chestnut stain. […]


Side Table Project – 75% complete

Finally starting to look like something. I’ve got it on a carpet dolly, so its a little higher than normal, but you can finally tell (& use) it is a side table now. I attached the 3rd wall. This time, I actually put some force into the bending. so it turned out a little different. No more cracking of the steel, But I had to fillet the wood so that the bend radius in the steel could be accommodated. I then drilled out all the holes needed for the heavy duty 1/2″ bolts. Then I used 6″ long “torks” wood […]


Flop Back to: Side Table Project – progress update

So I’ve been flip flopping between my side table project and my cold drip coffee make project. Today, I gave a big push to work on my side tables. It’s family day, so what better way to spend it locked up in my tool room making loud noises and grinding steel! drilled using cobalt coated steel bits – using 4 gradual steps up to a 1/2″ hole So I finally assembled the second side of the table. Made the holes as I did for the first one, and inserted my 1/2″ cap-screws with washers and nuts. All torqued to 90-ft-lbs […]


Couch Side Tables – Project Resurected

So the infamous side table project has finally resurfaced. I’ve placed a hold on all other projects until I complete at least one side table. On a side note, my project room is finally clean! I’ve purchased myself a MASSIVE tool chest. You can read up about it on Jenn’s Blog post. She helped me put it together, and although her lifting skills left some to be desired, her thinking skills did not left us down. I decided let her figure out how we should lift the massive thing into place. She came up with using the couch as a […]