Out of Office – from Cool to Hot – Vacation Post!

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been playing around with my newly designed Cold brew controller, and I have to say … I did a pretty good job with the initial design! Though, I’ve already been working on a revision to fix some minor issues that I had not foreseen (mostly due to with the intricacies of the ESP32 board).

Temperature Control fully programmed and tested!

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DropBOB Upgrades to “Real-Boy” Status!

So as I hinted from my last post. I have decided to delve right into the world of professional software development. I have started using “Eclipse” as my development platform for my IoT chip – ESP32 by Sparkfun.

To be fair, I didn’t really have a choice. Not all of the features that I need this chip to do have been ported over into the “Arduino” platform yet. I’m sure it eventually will (possibly more than a year, as seen on the prior chip). So, I’m pulling up my big boy pants and learning all the things!

I will be keeping my software open-source. But it will be via the official ESP-IDF. Once I program for this (in C language) I won’t be porting it back into Arduino (Sorry arduino fans).

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Weekend Debrief – It’s the small things sometimes …

So I tried something new this past weekend … and it turns out new things aren’t always awesome … nor deliberate. For the first time ever, I was sitting in the cinema, waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to begin, when I felt a sneeze coming. I had a tiny little mint in my mouth so I wanted to reach for it before I could shoot it out into the crowd in front of me … but the sneeze came too quick.

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DropBOB Interconnect board – CoffeeMkr PRO Beta1

So I’ve finished the design of my interface board between the ESP32 and my Cold Brew Coffee Maker PRO. It was mostly complete a little while ago, but I had not yet done the design checks for this new awesome service I discovered. I was searching for a simple and affordable board printing service. There are a bunch, I know, but I really do like this one: dorkbotpdx.org which runs their orders through oshpark.com.

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Last come, first served – efficiency over ethicacy

So I have toiled with this Idea for a while now. This has only come to my attention lately due to my current backlog of work both home-wise and work-work-wise.

Is a “last come, first served” customer service model more efficient than the standard boring old “first come, first served” model? I think the answer to that depends on more information.

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