Nursery Baby Change Table Build – By #DropBOB Designs

So, I have quite a few projects on the go. Among my cold brew coffee maker, I need to also prepare for our little girl that we’re expecting in the fall of this year. So, I’ve designed and built a custom (DropBOB Design Original) Baby Changing Table.


Safety First! Cutting wood creates lots of dust (and I’ve been particularly affected by pollen lately). Also always wear goggles with foam protectors when cutting!
The whole time that we were buying wood, Jenn kept saying that it wouldn’t fit … “No honey, I’m sure I’ve fit an 8-ft long thing before” … “your car isn’t even 8-ft … it won’t fit” … looks who was right?

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Industry 4.0 – general thoughts

So, I’ve been thinking of this quite a lot lately. Industry 4.0 it’s a little bit like a revolution in how our industrial system is shifting. It has a lot to do with this new concept of IoT (Internet of Things). But I think it’s also further developed by the “kickstarter” and “Etsy” trend.

This notion that you can decentralize industrialization is not a new one I’m sure, but it is quite difficult to accomplish.

Most industries are highly specialized machines; raw material in, finished product out, and repeat. Add in some R&D and some Sales people and you have the entire picture.

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DropBOB PRO “Hit-Single” release

So I’ve been back from holidays for about 2 weeks now, what do I have to show for this? Well, to be honest, not as much as I’d hoped. I’ve actually been struggling with a little bit of mild anxiety. This all started sometime while I was in Europe on vacation. I didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out Nasonex (a nasal steroid for allergies), has some side effects that actually affect me. Anxiety is not something I have ever really had. So it caught me off guard.

I’ve stopped using the spray for about 2 weeks now and the anxiety is almost completely gone. It only pops up if I don’t sleep enough now. This made me a little more aware of what people who suffer from anxiety feel. It’s not fun. It makes you doubt even your own rational thoughts. My anxiety was actually centered around “being stuck somewhere” … like planes, or even a restaurant. Anytime that I would be forced to not move, whether because of norms (like at a restaurant or movie theater), or in a plane or bus, my hands would sweat, and if I thought too much I would actually get a full on panic attack where my chest would feel warm and my heart would beat faster. I managed to keep it under control though.

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DropBOB back from Holidays, with a new bean!

And were back! What an amazing holiday. Hope you had fun following some of the Instagram pics and facebook pics I posted from a few parts of my trip to Dublin, Lisbon, Prague & Barcelona!

I picked up a little something to try out just a few days before our return. Freshly roasted coffee beans from a tiny little gem of a place in Barcelona. This small place is tucked away in the windy cobblestone streets/alleys.


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Out of Office – from Cool to Hot – Vacation Post!

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been playing around with my newly designed Cold brew controller, and I have to say … I did a pretty good job with the initial design! Though, I’ve already been working on a revision to fix some minor issues that I had not foreseen (mostly due to with the intricacies of the ESP32 board).

Temperature Control fully programmed and tested!

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DropBOB Upgrades to “Real-Boy” Status!

So as I hinted from my last post. I have decided to delve right into the world of professional software development. I have started using “Eclipse” as my development platform for my IoT chip – ESP32 by Sparkfun.

To be fair, I didn’t really have a choice. Not all of the features that I need this chip to do have been ported over into the “Arduino” platform yet. I’m sure it eventually will (possibly more than a year, as seen on the prior chip). So, I’m pulling up my big boy pants and learning all the things!

I will be keeping my software open-source. But it will be via the official ESP-IDF. Once I program for this (in C language) I won’t be porting it back into Arduino (Sorry arduino fans).

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