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Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

Arduino GSM attached to rear view Mirror

So today I installed the remaining portion on the project in my car. I rooted the second wrote that goes to the driver seat. This was a little harder than the rear seat cable ad I had to take apart most of the car’s ceiling.

Now that all the routing is done, I will focus on adding an LCD display and mounting the Arduino in back of my rear view mirror. I also need to t-tap into my overhead light power source (i should also check to confirm that it is 12v).

Currently these aluminum on leather sensors are above the seat. I plan on placing them under the material.
One thing to note on this type of sensor. Since the Arduino measures the time it take the RC circuit to discharge after it is fully charged, the longer the cable that connects the sensor to the Arduino is, the longer it will take to circuit to discharge. This the sensor will take a little longer to register than during my initial tests.

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