Puny shelf … I will destroy you!
Remember that old industrial pipe shelf project from a while back … I combines a few 3/4″ pipe fittings and some pine wood planks into a 4 layer shelf (all for about $170 … download the CAD model here). Well, this shelf started getting a little crowded over the last few months. My wife asked how easy it would be to add another layer … Well my wonderful Jelly-Jube as long as you don’t mind me making some noise …





A pre-cut 12″ x 36″ Pine Wood … About $60 later …
When I first made this shelf, I had some incredible difficulty placing the pipes in the wood. There’s actually a great picture of me (mostly my behind) trying to insert these little pipe nipples … oh the agony … and the noises I made. That was actually Jenn’s first comment … “hey, I didn’t hear you struggle … did you use a tool this time?” … “ya honey, this tool … with 2x thumbs!”
Ya well, this time i learnt. I’m using my vise grip to just press them into the too-tight-holes … I could have made the holes oversized … I really wanted to … but something in me said, “no”. I have to make it just like the other ones. Well, that was dumb. Next time make them oversized.


Removing the top of the old shelf was quite easy. Especially with the help on my favorite hammer: the Dead On Annihilator. This thing is a beast of a hammer and I try to use in in as many projects as I can. Just feeling its destructive power in my hands makes me want to DESTROY. ok, calm down, I’m building, not destroying …

Now I have a super tall shelf. Not only does it have more room for things like books, and pictures, and portal guns … but it also towers over my 5′-X” wife … he he he (oh and if you like the little boxes advent calendar, check it out here)

Bye for now
-DropBOB Designs!