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Silent Hill Stage Production in Washington, DC

I completed the Pyramid Head cosplay that was commissioned a few months ago. I wanted to share some of the images that Peculiarity Productions, a small stage production company, has shared with me.

Devon Rowland Photography

The amazing photography was done by Devon Rowland Photography. I can attest to the difficulty in taking photo’s in the dark with fire. Even with this difficulty, these came out stunning! The details are crisp and the lighting is just perfect for this Video Game stage production … the visuals just scream: macabre. So awesome!

Devon Rowland Photography

Being a small stage production, Peculiarity Productions is looking for support to help cover the costs of the production. Please do go support these guys if you can here: https://myevent.com/8bitcircus and if you are in the Washington, DC area. They start selling tickets starting on June 9th (for the production OPENING NIGHT JULY 7th 2017).

Devon Rowland Photography

You should also check out their facebook page for other details and events (such as their “Silent Disco” fundraiser event (June 2nd).

All in all, this looks to be an amazing show that you shouldn’t miss! … From the hot (and scary) nurses … to the terrifying Pyramid head monster! Oh and obviously fire everywhere!

Devon Rowland Photography

Thanks, Peculiarity Productions, for the opportunity to be a small little part of your production!

-DropBOB Designs

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