This plague doctor cosplay was inspired from my trip to Venice. Much of the folklore around plague doctors originated from around that area. It turns out that the bird-looking masks are both to scare the diseases, and to fill the mask noses with fragrances to keep the stench out.

I also wanted to try out some intricate leather work and wanted to keep my Halloween costume simple this year.

Plague Doctor Mask front
Eyes as cold as a Plague Doctor!

I used an old pair of goggles given to me by a coworker many years back. He saw the goggles I made for my Steampunk Doctor Cosplay, and it made him think of me, so he gave them to me. I think he said something about them belonging to his dad during the war.

Plague Doctor Mask Inside
The insides are quite cozy

I custom designed the interior circuitry. The board is just a 3d printed plate with the trace of all the wires with holes for all of the components. I could have used my favorite circuit board service from Portland, but I decided that I wanted to keep this one simpler.

Plague Doctor Circuit Board Design
4 batteries, 2 LED’s and a couple resistors

The wiring was all routed and hand soldered. the LED’s simply plug in using standard headers. This eliminates the need to a switch. The batteries and resistor sizing was calculated to last about 10 days (240hrs) so there really was zero need for an on off switch.

Plague Doctor Circuit Simulation
Voltage flow in the circuit designed to not damage the LED if one is unplugged

The circuit needed to be designed simple, but also rugged to be used over and over again for many years to come. So I made sure the LED’s received the recommended voltage and that there were no spikes from unplugging any of the components.

Plague Doctor Mask Flat Patterns
Mask Flat patterns – let me stretch this skin that is your face

Using my favorite mask program, Pepakura. I was able to download, then modify, then flatten a perfect shape for the mask. I wasn’t happy with any of the currently available masks, so I found one that was close and then made it into a better shape.

Here’s the download link for anyone who wants to use it:

Here’s a 3d view of the model

My inspiration for the design came from this image that I found online. I think it came from a user named Dmammoth. There’s some interesting music at that link if you’re interested in some dark EDM.

Plague Doctor Mask Inspiration

Here is the final result, with all the attachments and extras, including my little shoulder bird which I think make me look quite ominous.

What do you think? Do I look more like Launchpad McQuack or Gyro Gearloose Let me know in the comments!

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