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Merry Christmas from team DropBOB!

So as you know, I usually don’t like to just purchase a pre-made Christmas card from the store … I like to make my cards. This means using unconventional materials for the card business.

Can you guess which card I made?

To wish all my followers a Merry Christmas I put together this quick How-To on how to make your loved ones a card that they won’t be able to put in the spot they usually store Christmas cards in …

Start by finding some scrap material that you think will look good together. Find some hinges (even better if they have springs) and screw those in.

Now add a latch. If you don’t have any latches … Like me, just use another hinge … And drill out one of the holes enough to fit a screw.

Now, if your hinges are spring loaded, you’ll want to add a stopper so that you significant other doesn’t get their fingers caught … You don’t want to go to the hospital on Christmas day … She’ll hate you.

Now wire up some electronics to make it flashy! I used an old led harness from a dollar store hat that I bought for her birthday last year …

Now add some writing to show you care!

That’s it, the DropBOB simple guide to making a card that won’t fit in any card storage ever.

If you liked this, you can check out my other blog posts. Last year, I made Jenn’s card out of metal. You can check that one out here.

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Stay-cation Day 2

So now that we’re back from our family Christmas in San Francisco, I’ve decided to use my last week of vacation staying at home, relaxing and taking care of myself.

Its been pretty busy though, as the first thing I did was give myself a list of goals/tasks to complete before the week ends:

– Run 10k everyday (or so)
– Make Jenn’s Christmas/New-Years card
– Renew passport
– Think (and make up your mind) about signing up for school
– Confirm wedding venue with down-payment
– Clean house/kiwi/shower
– Design a cold drip coffee maker
– Work on couch side tables

I know this might seem daunting at first, but I think I can do it all. So far I’ve run 5k Monday, 10k Tuesday, made Jenn’s card, Cleaned House & kiwi.

And since Jenn loves receiving cards, I always make it a point to make her a special card for Christmas. Something that you can’t just go buy in stores (I think at some point I may run out of ideas though). If you recall, last Christmas I made Jenn a pop-up card in the shape of a most-awesome-christmas-card-ever.

This year though, I think I outdid myself:

I played around with this RAW camera capture from my OnePlus One … Not bad I think.

I bound 2 pieces of 0.25″ thick heat treated steel with a 3/4″ thick plywood piece. The plywood was then cut. on the inside to form a small maze. The catch here is that there is a small piece of wood, with a message, in this maze. But you have to complete the maze without being able to see it.

I kept it pretty simple, as I don’t want to over complicate it and make it impossible.

Hope you like it Jenn!

Merry Christmas & New Year 2014/15


Most awesome Christmas card ever!

Hey guys,
(Not like anybody reads this, one vote for my next project… Really!).
I just wanted to bring to my avid readers an update. I couldn’t post a play by play on this last project since it was a surprise Christmas card for Jenn.
So I figure I might as well post the result.
Cheers (and sorry for the vertical bars):

And it folds! what a miracle…

That last picture is what I thought a Jelly-Jube was … 


Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Today I got really pissed off at the Corro-Plast (corrugated plastic) so much so, that I threw all my toys on the floor and went to my computer for help…
I decided to use my solidworks sheet-metal module for the first time. It’s not too bad. I made a cube, converted it to sheet-metal. Used 0.05 as my k value (this means that bending the sheet will cause more stretching in the bend than compressing) this mimics that fact that I’m cutting the corrugated part and then just bending it sharply at the front.
Then I created a flat pattern and printed. This worked so much Better than I imagined. So I picked up my toys again and continued working. I got the 1st 12 completed. I can now do the remaining 12 in about a day if I remain concentrated.
Also on a lighter note (since I’m a little high from the fumes). Contact cement is just amazing. You apply it, you let it dry to the point  where it feels completely dry to the touch. Then you stick both dry parts together and magic. They stay stuck. Seriously amazing shit.

Homemade Christmas tree wood advent calendar

Well, today at the grocery store Jenn reminded me that I have yet again forgotten to buy her an advent calendar. I wanted to get her the really good Lindor one since she got me the most amazing beer advent calendar. Turns out Lindor had started cheaping out. They don’t even put any of the big chocolates. What the hell Lindor!
So I decided to go to home depot instead and buy some MDF. I’ll make my own damn calendar. Then I’ll get my own chocolates and put them in.
here’s my progress so far:
Some mistakes not to make next time: don’t confuse epoxy with contact cement. It won’t dry. Also, hot glue did not work so well.
I was initially going to make 24 big boxes and 24 small drawers to go inside the boxes. Then I was going to magnetise the boxes. so they could be arranged a different way every year.
But, that’s a lot of boxes to make. I might just end up putting a hinged door. Also probably won’t put the magnets… We’ll see. I’ve only made 12 boxes so far.