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Weekend Debrief – It’s the small things sometimes …

So I tried something new this past weekend … and it turns out new things aren’t always awesome … nor deliberate. For the first time ever, I was sitting in the cinema, waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 to begin, when I felt a sneeze coming. I had a tiny little mint in my mouth so I wanted to reach for it before I could shoot it out into the crowd in front of me … but the sneeze came too quick.

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Project Wood Storage Solution!

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy with work and wedding planning. This week-end coming is the big day. So, while trying to clean up the house for the pa-rentals to come see for the first time, I decided to take a jab at cleaning up my stock wood.

For preperation, I cleaned up and cut the wood to size. I gotta say though, there is something rewarding about cutting wood by hand … compared with a table saw. Table saw is great to make quick work, but I do like myself some good old fashion manual labor once in a while.
I really just came up with the design on the spot. The only 2 things I need it to do is hold my sticks & hold my sheets … pretty basic. Except that if I need this to be really close to the wall (space constraint) … then I need it to be cantilevered from the bottom.
This helps me place all my sheets in the back, while keeping easy acess to 2″x4″s and the like.

So I made sure that the base was super strong and anchored tight to the wall.
Using 5-inch & 6-inch structural screws … these things are serious fasteners!

Once anchored to the wall, I removed the supports and made sure it was sturdy. Keeping it off the floor makes for easy cleaning.

I added all my various sheets of material in the back.

And then built the last 3 shelves … 

And boom!

You have yourself a perfectly usable shelf to store all your project wood. Even managed to hang my snowboard up top!

Couch Side Tables – Project Resurected

So the infamous side table project has finally resurfaced. I’ve placed a hold on all other projects until I complete at least one side table.

On a side note, my project room is finally clean! I’ve purchased myself a MASSIVE tool chest. You can read up about it on Jenn’s Blog post. She helped me put it together, and although her lifting skills left some to be desired, her thinking skills did not left us down. I decided let her figure out how we should lift the massive thing into place. She came up with using the couch as a support, and it did the trick!

Its built like a tank, and it basically have a lifetime guarantee with costco. So I’m happy.

I also got myself some large storage bins for all my electronics and other miscellaneous consumables like fabrics and wood pieces.

Now, I can work on these damn side tables without having to look for tools or trip over things.

First step, cut the unnecessarily thick piece of metal that will hold the walls together. Use a grinder, mind the noise. Sparks are mostly harmless. I love those sparks.

Next, mark the location of unnecessarily large holes that will hold the unnecessarily large bolts.

Oh, and when you run out of cutting fluid, you can always just use olive oil. It helps keep the drill bits from overheating … plus it smells like you’re cooking.

Now you’ve got yourself one side of a side table … Tomorrow, maybe (super-bowl day) I might cut the remaining steel.

Peg Board Organizer – Finished product

Finally received the pieces I ordered from my last post:
And as I opened the box, this is what came out … a beautiful Filipino & a hedgehog … 

After I told FedEx that they made a mistake, they finally brought me the parts that I ordered. So, I uncorked my beer and started unpacking.

But, hey whats a project without some cheese and crackers right?

So, I unpacked the black metal pegboards. These things are beautifully made. They fit nicely and they just feel like a premium design on something that is usually so cheep and tacky (go home cardboard peg boards, you’re ugly).

So, now onto the design aspects of this project. The reason I got these pegboards is: 1- to hold my most frequently used tools & 2- to cover up my breaker panel so that its no longer an eyesore and not readily visible (but it still needs to be accessible). These are my design constraints.

First and foremost, safety! You cant just go about drilling holes next to a breaker-panel without first knowing where your electrical conduits are run. So after opening up the panel, I marked the outputs and inputs for the power. Luckily, none of them land too close to where my screws need to go. If you do need to drill near power lines, always cut the power first, But know where your input line comes from, as that one you cannot shut-off on your own! Safety first kids, don’t do anything you see on this blog, I take no responsibility for any damage you do. But please post it on fail-blog so I can laugh about it.


So, after some careful measuring, I located all the holes that needed to be drilled. Then I mounted my first 2 panels. These were really easy.

Now those top panels were a little harder as I wanted them to swing on hinges so that I can still get to my electrical panel easily.

In order for the hinges that Jenn picked out to work, I needed to make sure they close flat after screwing in the hex bolt I got to connect them to the peg-board. Turns out that the head on the bolts were a little thicker than anticipated. 
But, not fear, nothing that a few vise grips can’t straighten out. And hey, I really love my 2×4 workbench that I built a while back. Not only does it look amazing in pictures, but it is awesome to work on: sturdy & great size (that’s what she said ;).

So with these panels now on hinges, on the wall they go. Place the electrical panel back. Freak out Jenn by turning off all the lights in the house accidentally. And then DONE!.

What a bute! And she’s useful too. Holds up to 400-lbs per panel.

Next Major project! — Peg Board Organizer

So I feel like its been too long since my last major project. So today I decided to pull the plug on a project that has been bugging me for a long time.

Since I have accumulated a large set of tools, you know with all the projects I’ve done, I have recently run out of space in my tool chest that I used to use to store this massive collection. This is a great tool chest by the way, if you are planning to store a few small tools this is definitely the one you should get.

Now that I have a full room that I can use to work, I feel that the best way to store many of my tools will be on a peg board system.

Here is my idea:

I’ve recently purchased a heavy duty 20-gauge rust & scratch resistant black metal peg board system called WALMP. This thing looks nice! It comes in MANY colors … I picked black to accentuate my tools … but total jizz factor here. Guys are like women when it comes to organizing their workshop. We like that our things match.

And I love that its on … I can get it next day if I wanted too. I probably would have if the hooks I wanted were also available on here. BUT, all the hooks on amazon are make for the wimpy 1/8″ peg system … I’m looking for the heavier duty 1/4″ peg system stuff … you know, I have man toys … heavy man toys. Not the stuff the little wimpy men play with.

So I did some searching around on the interwebs and fell upon this very nice looking company that ships to Canada from the US called DiamondLife. They make really cool stuff for your mancave/workshop … They have their website really well organized so that its easy to pick exactly what you want … and they use only the best 1/4″ hooks just like I wanted. They even have bins, shelves, baskets, etc … I was able to customize my order just the way I wanted my pegboard system to look.

In a few week, I’ll give you guys an update.

for now, time to enjoy a cold brew in front of a fire after a refreshing hike up a local mountain with Brad.

Actually, this was last Wednesday, but I couldn’t find any other way to include this into my story


Blog Design updated !!! (#TheHouseIsCleanestRightBeforeFinals)


So this weekend is filled with studying. I have my Management final on Tuesday and need to finish this studying stuff before tomorrow. As with most people, when I really don’t want to do something, I clean the house. Needless to say, the house looks awesome … but now I ran out of things to clean, so I decided to revamp my blog.

Blog Layout:

I stumbled upon this awesome layout. I like the magazine layout the best (thus made it the default), but you can choose from flip-board, classic, etc. etc. I’ll leave it up to you to play around with it. Leave me some comments as to what you think.

 Pallet-wood mail & key holder

Also, As you can see from the pictures, I’ve also stumbled upon this awesome pallet wood Key-holder/mail inbox. The counters are now clean and free from clutter. It was so much of a problem that I had even decided to CAD the clutter to emphasis the problem and figure a way to deal with it.

The pallet wood key-holder can be found at target Canada. Not sure if its available anywhere else as I couldn’t find it on their website. It should be in the kitchen section and its original use is for cookbooks and towels.