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#Coffee #Project

DropBOB PRO – Preliminary design update

Some of you may be wondering what I’ve been up to over the last little while. I haven’t posted anything, nor have I put my “Star-Lord” Costume up for sale. Well, it’s because something has been bugging me. I’m unsettled about one of my designs … and its preventing me from focusing on other things. As you can see from the above image, I’m working on a PRO version (i.e something you’d see in a coffeeshop or a coffee enthusiast kitchen). All, while improving on the DropBOB control mechanism.   You see I’m no longer just happy with having the […]


Merry Christmas from team DropBOB!

So as you know, I usually don’t like to just purchase a pre-made Christmas card from the store … I like to make my cards. This means using unconventional materials for the card business. Can you guess which card I made? To wish all my followers a Merry Christmas I put together this quick How-To on how to make your loved ones a card that they won’t be able to put in the spot they usually store Christmas cards in … Start by finding some scrap material that you think will look good together. Find some hinges (even better if […]

#Home Renovation #Project

Project Industrial pipe shelf – Upgrade, Level UP!

  Puny shelf … I will destroy you! Remember that old industrial pipe shelf project from a while back … I combines a few 3/4″ pipe fittings and some pine wood planks into a 4 layer shelf (all for about $170 … download the CAD model here). Well, this shelf started getting a little crowded over the last few months. My wife asked how easy it would be to add another layer … Well my wonderful Jelly-Jube as long as you don’t mind me making some noise …


GIANT Lego Secret Stash!

A long long time ago, Jenn & I make a lego spice rack. You can read about the making of the block on her blog. It was her idea and I only helped a little … So, after we decided to get rid of the old spices, we needed to upgrade this lego project and make more realistic legos … with a little secret … I decided to make this post into a GIF party … all the cool kids are doing it. And, having lots of repetitive motion hakes this the perfect post to GIFIFY! Drill all six caps […]