Ever thought: “Hey, I wish I could talk to that other dude that’s on this website also looking at stuff”. Let’s say for example you were shopping for a really cool thing, and then you see that someone else also has that really cool thing in their shopping cart. Don’t you wish you could intimidate them into leaving so that you could purchase it first!

Oh man, do I have some news for you! With the latest communications technology, now you can! Introducing the Communicator 2.0 now with 100% more ability to talk with others on the webpage. With the Communicator 2.0 you’ll be able to tell that granny to “move over, that really cool thing you want to purchase is yours”! You’ll also be able to tell others how amazing the thing you just purchased is and you’ll be able to discuss what you would like for christmas, but note that your message may or may not reach Santa.

Where to find it

Launch the “Communicator 2.0” by clicking on the “Live Chat” Button in Light Teal:

Image showing the DropBOB Communicator 2.0


Only available on DropBOB.ca. While quantities last. DropBOB Designs is not responsible for your feeling possibly getting hurt, or for the creation of Trolls. This technology carries no cash value and cannot be exchanged for anything. If anything bad happens while you use this new technology, you expressly grant DropBOB Designs the right to investigate while also revoking your right to sue. This chat board is unmonitored, so don’t make a mess of it, kids.

Enjoy the upgrade!

DropBOB Designs Management Staff