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Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

Velcro attached to rear view mirror

Working late last night, I managed to figure out got to take apart my seat covers and insert my capacitance sensor. Oh ya also, note to future self, don’t use 10 awg ground wire … I had to change all the wire routing in my…

Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

Today, since I’m pretty hung over, we decided to go grab lunch at our newest craft beer place. So many choices… Using our newest member of the group, Luca, we tested the functioning of my device with a baby seat with baby and all. We…

Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

Arduino GSM attached to rear view Mirror

So today I installed the remaining portion on the project in my car. I rooted the second wrote that goes to the driver seat. This was a little harder than the rear seat cable ad I had to take apart most of the car’s ceiling….

Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

/* This sketch is created for use of a GSM board with an arduino. The sensors utilized are 1x DHT11 + 2x BOCHEN 3386 Potentiometer + 5k resistor +5V solar Array + 2 aluminum foils connected to 10k OHM resistors.Copyright: Bobby Lumia, may be used…

Arduino GSM Expandable Vehicle Connection Project

So I’ve completed my initial concept to check to see if all this works. It does! Really well too. One thing to note, since I shorted the Arduino the last time, I went to Lee’s electronics the next day. Bought myself 2 Arduino’s this time….

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